• 9 hours of service on wedding day

  • Bridal makeup by professional makeup artist for ONE bride

  • Bridal hair by professional makeup artist for ONE bride

  • Wedding Ceremony^ (without additional décor) can be arranged at indoor or outdoor venue (An indoor backup venue must be secured in case of rain if outdoor ceremony is preferred)

  • Provide ceremony venue list and free booking service

  • Arrange wedding vendors with cost

  • Provide signing table with table cloth and chair (Does NOT include other wedding decoration) 1

  • Full access to emergency kit

  • Dinner reservation for the couple and guests

  • Arrange guests transportation on the wedding date

  • Provide information for guests accommodation

  • 3 hours photo session at two locations (the ceremony venue + one other location of your choice)

  • Ceremony photo documentary

  • At least 50 photos from photo session and 50 ceremony photos, all in digital copies

​Please enquire about our price


Price subject to increase if additional services and/or time are required. Overtime charge is $50 per hour.


1. Venue decor setup -------- $200CAD and up